Sunday, January 02, 2005

Saturday night at the movies

Tonight I saw two movies.
First of all I have to pause and add that I'm not generally a frequent movie renter, but, since I just bought myself an Onkyo home theater system, I've been enjoying DVDs a lot more. Now I need a TV to match the awesome sound! :-)
Anyway, the two I watched this evening with my friend Wendy were "Open Water" and "Supersize Me".
"Open Water" was a boar. Everybody dies in the end.
"Supersize Me," on the other hand, was great! I learned that MacDonald's fries don't decompose, even after sitting for ten weeks in a jar, unrefrigerated.
More seriously, however, I was amazed at how much fast food we eat as Americans, and how the government is coerced in to letting us eat it!
I started thinking about how much I eat. I don't eat that much MacDonald's, but I eat out all the time. I've really got to stop.
What I need to do is find myself a wife. We can cook healthful meals together and then I won't have to eat out all the time. :-)
I briefly thought of keeping a food journal here on my blog. Then I decided not to. :-)
Watch "Supersize Me!" Then, read Fast Food Nation. You'll never be the same.


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