Tuesday, August 16, 2005

blind frustration

Blind Frustration

I just discovered today that blogger seems to have made it impossible for us blind folks to take full advantage of their blogging tools.
I thought that I'd like to p          ost some pictures of myself so that my sighted friends could have a look. Well, I tryed to follow their direcitons to post a picture. It turns out that many of the features in the post editor are little buttons which you must click with your mouse. this is not possible for blind folks. the screen reading software that we use does not read the buttons for uploading a picture ETC. And, wouldn't you know it, blogger doesn't allow you to send it as an attachment via Email either. So, there you have it. :-)
I've sent them an Email and I hope they respond, but I'm guessing that it won't happen any time soon.
If you'd like to check out a recent article on the subject go to,

I'll keep trying! :-)    


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